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Combine Pensions

Bring your previous pensions together in one portfolio

Why should you combine your pensions

Your career can take many turns and when moving from job to job it is important to take your occupational pension with you. By transferring your pension to a personal retirement bond in your name it gives you more control over the investment risk and manner and timing of benefit payments.

When you leave service, there are some options you must consider regarding your occupational pension.

How it works

Step 1 – Meet with one of our pension advisor specialists

Establish what pensions you may have and what they are worth.

Step 2 – Explore options

Identify appropriate options for pension transfer to unify all pension in one portfolio.

Step 3 – Transfer your pension

We work directly with your pension providers to assist them in a fast easy transfer to your pension portfolio.

Step 4 – Manage

We regularly review your pension portfolio to ensure you meet your retirement goals.