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Start a Pension

If you do not have a pension, it’s never too late to start one today.

How it works

Step 1 – Meet with one of our pension advisor specialists

 Establish your current situation.

Step 2 – Explore pension options

Identify appropriate pension options and determine your retirement goals in line with your level of risk.

Step 3 – Setup your pension

We work directly with the main pension providers on your behalf to setup a pension that meets your needs.

Step 4 – Manage

We regularly review your pension portfolio to ensure you meet your retirement goals.


(Personal Retirement Savings Account)

A PRSA is a way of helping you provide for your retirement by saving now. It allows you to create a pension fund for yourself when you retire; you can vary the amount you pay into it over time and, if you change employment, you can continue to use the same PRSA.

Can you join an existing pension scheme in your job? You should find out if there is a good scheme available to you through your job. If not, you will need to consider making provision for your retirement and should consider a PRSA. If you already have good pension arrangements you may not need to make any additional provisions or you may be able to top-up your benefits through making Additional Voluntary
Contributions (AVCs).